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Connect to your purpose, so you can connect to your clients.


A workshop to reset your purpose and reignite your business so that you can restore your peace of mind.

Running a business is tough!

It isn't for the faint of heart.
It is for the ambitious, purpose-driven, courageous entrepreneur, like yourself who one day woke up and decided to change the course of their life by taking a leap of faith and becoming a business owner.

Now here you are, deep in the struggle of it all, wondering why you are doing this, feeling defeated and overwhelmed, not quit in love with what you do anymore.

You are running on survival mode and it sucks big time!



And, I know deep down you love what you do, you want to make a difference in the world, and you believe what your business offers is important.

You are not failing.

You are not broken.

You are not suddenly worthless.


You have lost touch with your purpose, your why, the vision you had for yourself and your business. Because of that you have lost touch with your clients, the people you want to serve.

Your business is most successful when you are connected to your clients and this happens when you are connected to your WHY. 

This workshop will reconnect you to why your business exists so you can reconnect to your clients.

Signs you have forgotten about your why...


✓ You are in a constant state of constant reaction, spending most of your time putting out fires and trying to keep your head above water in the day to day tasks that keep stacking up?


✓ You go to bed every night worrying about what you will do next to bring more people in the doors and you wake up in the middle of the night clinching your jaw, wide awake asking yourself "what am I doing wrong?"


✓You are  unmotivated to create, brand and market, wishing you could muster up the inspiration you once had. 


✓ Are you struggling to communicate with your clients, your team and even yourself from a place of purpose and vision? 


✓ Have you been noticing this gut sensation that something is not working, that things are just not right, but you do not know what it is? You just have this feeling that you do not want to have, and it feels like something foreign is stuck on you.


Your days are busy and full, but your business and wallet have nothing to show for it.

Here is the question.....what would it look like if you were able to slow things down, take a breath and remember why you started your business in the first place?


When you can tap back into your "why", you can restore yourself & reignite your business.

➢ Imagine being able to dedicate 90 uninterrupted minutes to re-discovering your purpose, your drive, your passion.

➢ Imagine once again getting really clear on what you are up to and why your business exists.

➢ Imagine feeling centered and grounded again, being able to make decisions with confidence and ease.

➢ Imagine knowing exactly what you want for yourself and your business and being able to create clear solutions that improve the bottom line, boost community morale and leave you feeling hopeful and excited again.

➢ Imagine seeing real results, clients coming in, business picking up, community and community energy shift when you start to operate your business from your "why" 


When all of this comes together,
When you remember your why,
When you light that fire inside of you and restore yourself,

You can reignite your business so that you can.......


→ Wake up every morning, feeling renewed and refreshed, ready to go to work with a clear path and plan in place.


Feel so inspired that you can hardly contain yourself and it shines through in everything you are offering your clients, which in turn elevates and expands your business and your wallet.


Have your daily joy back! You feel whole and complete and each day is fulfilling.


→ Start to feel your peace of mind return to you and things suddenly start to feel effortless; work gets easeful and you thrive on your success.

This workshop will give you what you need to pause and do the work that is needed to turn your ship around and get your business back on track. From the inside out!

What You Will Get

  • An intensive 90-minute Zoom call committed to your business purpose and your bigger why.

  • A recording of the call that you can view for up to 30 days.

  • Detailed notes of the call material so you can check back into your why whenever you need to.

  • 3 days of personal chat support post-call

Powerfully AIgned Waitlst
Remember Your Why

Your Investment

Step back into your fire, remember your why and reignite your business for

Only $37

Live via Zoom + Recorded

Tuesday May 17th 4:30-6:00pm EST

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