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It is time to expose the elephant in the room...

What happens when no one signs up?

What do you do when clients get pissed?

How do you keep creating when you have no inspiration left?

How do you invest and grow when there is no money coming in?

And so much. more!

Over the course of the hour I will share with you real stories of when the shit hits the fan and the truth of what it looks like behind the scenes of entrepreneurship. I will talk about the most common roadblocks you will encounter at every stage of your journey and give you an opportunity to ask questions around your own current issues and concerns.

For one hour, I will be an Open Book!

All for free

Join me live via Zoom Tuesday June28th 4:00pm EST


Meet Your Host & Coach

Gina Ward

I know what it takes to build and maintain a successful, sustainable business. I’ve created three thriving businesses of my own and have supported countless clients through the same process.


I have both seen and heard it all! I am talking epic, crazy ups and downs, movie style rides.

One thing I wish I had when I got started AND even now as a seasoned entrepreneur, is someone who told it to me straight. Who made me feel less alone and let me know that it is not all rainbows and unicorns.

I believe being an entrepreneur is both the most challenging and the most rewarding job on this planet! I am here to help you ride the highs and get honest about the journey you will take along the way. 

Real Talk

A conversation, and workshop, around the

realities of owning and running a business.

Learn about the most common mishaps and obstacles that nearly every entrepreneur experiences,

but know one wants to talk about.

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