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Bring less strategy and more creative play to your business.
Let's poke the innovate bear within, dying to get out

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Stop creating from a place of obligation, "shoulds", proven strategies, industry expectations and standardized playbooks.

You have your own zone of genius and an amazing amount of untapped potential. It is time to bring it forth and create your business in a way that


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Your business might be working, functioning, but is it clicking?

Does it feel bright, full of luster, splendor and excitement?


Tapping into your brilliance means no more editing, filtering, or withholding, just unleashing your brilliance so you can...

put the SHINE back into what you are doing.

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This MASTERCLASS is about reaching deep into your bones and pulling out your untapped potential that has been sitting on the sidelines waiting to be unbridled in the 4 creative areas of your business:

You will walk away from this experience with:

  • the ingredients needed to harness your brilliance

  • the step by step process to create space to express your brilliance

  • a roadmap that will set you up for getting into action and executing on your brilliance

Your Offers

Your Branding

Your Messaging

Your Marketing Strategy

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It is time to.....


And stir the creative Pot

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November 15th 4:30-6:00pm EST


The masterclass will be held LIVE & recorded for replay.


“Working with Gina has allowed me get my words and expression that are in my heart out onto the page, and in my business, where they can be shared with the world. I didn't realize how constrained I was in this area of my business until I got free from it”


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