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Reignite your fire and bring forth the courageous entrepreneur inside.



A ONE-ON-ONE 2-hour Business Breakthrough for the business owner and entrepreneur who wants to fall back in love with what they do, feel lit up AF and get re-aligned to their business so they can reignite the passion that led them to start their business to begin with.

Hi, I’m Gina and after a few major life events, I felt called to change my life and left my corporate job to become an entrepreneur nearly 10 years ago. I have had three businesses since and have partnered with several others. In every single one, what kept me passionately in the game, was having a clear foundation to stand on.

Stop surviving and start thriving.


When we are not aligned in our business, it is because we are not aligned with ourselves. This happens when the decisions we make and actions we take do not line up with what we want and what we believe. As a result, we suddenly find ourselves struggling to get by day to day, worrying over if our business will succeed, questioning our own decisions and not accomplishing what it is we set out to do.


Things feel HARD and you find yourself working HARDER to fix them.


This is not the answer.

So often we are drowning in the day to day of the business that we DO NOT EVEN KNOW when we are out of alignment.


So here is the moment of truth…..


✓ Do you find yourself doing everything in your business? Telling yourself each time you write out the to do list, “this is what I have to do?” All the while working day in and day out and finding yourself joyless in the mundane daily tasks of running a business?


✓ Do you go to bed every night feeling like you did not get everything done, worn out, exhausted and like you just cannot catch up, only to wake up every morning already feeling behind and stressed?


✓ Are you suddenly feeling unmotivated and like you do not want to do anything, desperately searching for the inspiration that used to come to you so easily.


✓ Have you been noticing this gut sensation that something is not working, that things are just not right, but you do not know what it is? You just have this feeling that you do not want to have, and it feels like something foreign is stuck on you.


Your days are busy and full, but not so fulfilling as a whole.


All of these are signs that you are out of alignment and that you have lost your footing. It does not have to be this way


Alignment is an inside job!

And it is rooted in….

➢ Bringing purpose to the forefront of your business, getting really specific around it so can clearly communicate it with your community and inject it into every aspect of what you do. Using your purpose to erase your doubt and remember why you got started.

Defining your values so that they ring true to you. Writing them in such a way that no one, including yourself, can question what you stand for, why you do what you do and what you are up to.

Getting clear on your unique, personal beliefs and taking actions that line up with them so that your outside reflects your inside.

➢ Knowing and making decisions based on what it is you want and do not want based on our purpose, passion, values and beliefs.


When all of this is lined up and integrated, you cannot help but be so aligned with yourself and your business that you suddenly


→ Wake up every morning, feeling renewed and refreshed, ready to go to work to do what you want to do.


Feel so inspired that you can hardly contain yourself and it shines through in everything you are offering your clients, which in turn elevates and expands your business and your wallet.


Have your daily joy back! You feel whole and complete and each day is fulfilling.


→ Things start to feel effortless; work gets easeful and you thrive on your success.

Work with me 1:1 and on your business purpose, values and beliefs so that you can clearly define what it is you want and make clear decisions from a place of alignment, giving you the business freedom and success you have worked so hard for.

Reset, Reconnect, Refresh and Re-ignite yourself and your business so it can once again shine and thrive.

What You Will Get

  • An intensive 2-hour Zoom call committed to your business breakthrough (calls will be scheduled during the month of May)

  • A recording of the call that you can view for up to 30 days

  • Detailed notes so that you can walk away with an Alignment sheet that you can revisit anytime

  • 2 weeks of Voxer and email support post call

Powerfully AIgned Waitlst

Your Investment

Step back into your fire, remember your why and reboot yourself and

your business.

Only $444


(there are only 5 spots available for this offer)

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