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When you have someone in your corner to support you on a regular basis, a partner that "gets" what you’re dealing with day to day, you are

more productive, more playful, more secure.

Just imagine having a partner who...

➢ sees, hears and understands you


➢ motivates you when you are down and celebrates you when you are up


➢ grounds and centers you when your head is spinning


➢ is excited about all your ideas and will brainstorm with you


➢ will listen to all your complaints and worries, with no judgement and no fixing

This is like having a

Business Partner

With all the benefits and none of the baggage.

This isn't about telling you what to do. This is about having a business buddy who you can lean on, laugh, cry, vent and celebrate with.

This is about helping you get organized, focused, moving & executing. While also giving you the space and grace to be the human that you are!

This partnership is about having

💯 a second set of eyes on your business

💯 someone in your corner

💯 a pace setter to help steer your ship

💯 a sounding board

We will connect weekly to

✔️ Run through your projects & prioritize action items

✔️ Set the tone & direction for the week

✔️ Determine your focus & work through the distractions

✔️ Download what is working and offload what isn't.

✔️ Give you an opportunity to vent your frustrations and get things off your chest.

All so you can generate real movement in your business and show up consistently and on purpose with all the support you need

I know you have a lot on your plate, your schedule is packed.

Which is why I made this partnership about simplicity. You will get 100% access and support in the easiest and most efficient way possible:

20 minute phone call to kick off each week

Unlimited Voxer chat Monday-Friday

16 week partner commitment

Partnership Investment $3600 or 4 x $950

Meet Your Partner

Gina Ward

I know what it feels like to build and run a thriving business. I know all the hard work, sweat and tears that are involved and how it feels to go it alone.


The best thing I ever did for myself is hire support! Having someone in my corner made ll the difference not just in how I felt, but how I operated.

Now I want to be the person to have YOUR BACK!

There is nothing like feeling seen, heard and completely "held" when the shit is hitting the fan or when you have an exciting new project that you need help with or when you have those big wins and just need someone to celebrate with. 

I am here for all of it!

My intention is help you get grounded, stay focused, brainstorm with you and be your business bestie as you execute in the day or day of your business.


Being a business owner and entrepreneur is the best job in the world.

And often the hardest job around, especially when you are going it alone!



Which is why I am bringing you the....

I will be your support system that you can tap into weekly to get grounded and focused so you can consistently execute in your business.

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