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Stretch your own creative boundaries and step into the arena of innovative play

The question is...

➢ have you gotten too zoomed in on what you want

➢ are you too focused on the day to day

➢ are you so comforted by what you have now

That you have stuffed yourself into a box of your own making, creatively constraining yourself?

Suffocating your untapped potential and the potential of your business?

It is time to ZOOM the fuck out and see the Bigger Picture.


You have made it this far, you have broken the rules, colored outside of the lines and have challenged the limits that others have imposed on you.


You have questioned and problem solved all the things that aren’t working in your business.
Now it is time to question the things that ARE working!

This Next Level experience is a 12-month, creative group mentorship container where you will be stretched beyond your self-imposed limits.


You have created amazing offers and you are doing your “thing” well, but now you are ready to go beyond solving simple problems so you can leave yourself and your clients in a new space that feels INNOVATIVE & EXPANSIVE.

What are you passing up because you aren’t willing to look at what is possible at the bigger picture level?

Where are you so comfortable in what you are offering you can do it with your eyes closed? So much so, that you are blind to the next level of what you have to offer the world.

THE BIGGER PICTURE is about tapping into the potential you don’t even know about yet.


This container is about provoking, and poking, the creative bear living inside of you. And who has been asleep at the wheel for a while now.

Each group session will ask you to explore your zone of genius in a supportive, yet challenging way so you can expand your offer suite and start creating offers that surprise even yourself.

This isn’t about solving any problems in your business, this is about pure, unadulterated innovation.

You often come up with ideas and stop there. Kind of a first come, first see with your thoughts. And then you turn that idea into an offer, creating within the boundaries of your own rules and lines, limiting your own potential.


And nobody is doing it to you, you are doing it to yourself.

 What would happen if you tossed your own rulebook out the window? 

 What would happen if instead of settling on your first idea, you stretched yourself to dig deeper and explore further?

This is what The Bigger Picture container is about.


You will dedicate yourself to a year of exploring your creative edges and zooming out of the day to day of your business.


You will detach yourself from what works and play in the arena of what feels really good, and exciting.


It is time to see yourself and your ideas differently so you can create differently, generate offers differently, and be different in this vast business world.

"Here is my advice, if you are looking for a coach and mentor, make sure to invest in someone who challenges you, pushes you to be purposeful and checks in to see if you are truly living into what it is you say you want."


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What You Get:

✔️ 12 Group Mentoring Sessions (starting in Jan 2023) where you will spend your time stretching your creative zone of genius developing new offers and services for your business.
✔️ Quarterly workshops where you will learn the latest and greatest around marketing, messaging, branding and sales.
✔️ Two 1:1 sessions with me to explore your favorite offers in more detail.
✔️ 20% off any ONE HEART & GRIT offer in 2023 of your choosing
✔️ Monthly content drops so you can get direct brainstorming from me around copy and content your writing for your offers
✔️ A group support channel so that you can inspire and be inspired by your peers. This is a place to spark curiosity and share ideas with each other.

$4200 Pay-in-Full or 12 payments of $369


Meet Your Creative Mentor & Coach

For the first 20 years of my life I played by all the rules. Did all the things I "should" be doing, and being the "good," responsible girl that I should be.

As soon as I realized my life was meant for so much more, I said FUCK that and started my journey as an entrepreneur. At first I followed everyone else, did what other business owners were doing and blindly listened to everything my coaches and mentors "prescribed."

Until I realized I was back where I started. It was only then I started to write. my own rule book and define my own lines.

Here is the thing, it was only a matter of time before I had BOXED myself into "one way" of doing things and was limiting my potential all on my own.


My guess is if you are on this page, if you have read this far, you are doing the EXACT same thing and feeling the same way.

We must ask ourselves the most important question. It isn't the question around what isn't working in our business. But the question of WHAT ELSE could be happening if I played with what IS WORKING!

And the best place to do this is with a group of like-minded business women, all looking to expand beyond their self-imposed limits, supporting each other along the way. To boldly play with others and with a mentor who will challenge you to...


create outside of your COMFORT zone so you can tap into your GENIUS zone.


This is what THE BIGGER PICTURE is about.

"When I am ready to tackle a new project or accept a new challenge, I look to Gina to help me navigate the process. I have been working with her for over 3 years now. She guides me in a way that I get really clear on my intentions. I have accomplished many things with Gina's coaching at the forefront."