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Stretch your own creative boundaries and step into the arena of innovative play

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A group mentoring program for entrepreneurs looking for support while working ON their business.


You created the business of your dreams. You have put all the structures and processes in place, you have developed your systems, you are running your business and deep into the day to day of it all.

The question is.....

Are you working ON your business?


It is easy to get sucked into managing and running your business, leaving you feeling like you are more of a manager than CEO. And the truth is, the day to day isn't what you are best at! 

You started your business because you are a creative genius at what you do, and working FOR your business is....

Suffocating your untapped potential and the potential of your business?

It is time to ZOOM the fuck out and see the Bigger Picture.

It is time to tap back into the innovator within, put on your CEO pants and dedicate time to growing and expanding your business in a creative way.

You have questioned and problem solved all the things that aren’t working in your business.
Now it is time to question the things that ARE working!

This is a 6-month creative group mentorship container where you will be stretched beyond your self-imposed limits.


You have created amazing offers and you are doing your “thing” well, but now you are ready to go beyond simply solving problems & managing the day to day of your business so you can leave yourself and your clients in a new space that feels INNOVATIVE & EXPANSIVE.


What are you passing up because you aren’t willing to look at what is possible at the bigger picture level?

Where are you so comfortable in what you are offering you can do it with your eyes closed? So much so, that you are blind to the next level of what you have to offer the world.

THE BIGGER PICTURE is about tapping into the potential you don’t even know about yet.

This container is about  poking, the creative bear living inside of you, dying to get out, within a supportive container of like-minded women.

Each group session will ask you to explore your zone of genius in a supportive, yet challenging way so you can expand your offer suite and start creating offers that surprise even yourself.

This isn’t about solving problems in your business, this is about pure, unadulterated innovation.


"Here is my advice, if you are looking for a coach and mentor, make sure to invest in someone who challenges you, pushes you to be purposeful and checks in to see if you are truly living into what it is you say you want."


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What This Experience Looks Like

✔️ Monthly Group Mentoring Sessions (6) where you will spend your time stretching your creative zone of genius developing new offers and services for your business.
✔️ Bi-Monthly Workshops (3) where you will learn the latest and greatest around marketing, messaging, branding and sales.
✔️ Two 1:1 sessions (3o mins) with me to explore your favorite offers in more detail.
✔️ Monthly content drops so you can get direct brainstorming from me around copy and content your writing for your offers
✔️ A group support channel so that you can inspire and be inspired by your peers. This is a place to spark curiosity and share ideas with each other.

$2888 Pay-in-Full or 6 payments of $495

Group starts end of January and runs through end of July


Meet Your Creative Mentor & Coach

I have been running my business for 8 years, and I know how easy it is to get caught up in the literal "running" part of your business, and it can be EXHAUSTING.

I can remember getting so sucked into the day to day that I woke up thinking, "why am I doing this!" I was simply managing my business, but I wasn't doing what I loved...

Creating amazing offers, stretching my brilliant ideas and giving the world my best.

I had to take a step back, zoom out and take a look at the BIGGER PICTURE! Take a look at why I started doing this in the first place. And then I got clear that I MUST spend as much time working ON my buisness as I was working FOR my business.

And it was hard doing it by myself......being an entrepreneur often leaves you feeling very alone!

This is WHY I created this group container. I wanted to create a place where female entrepreneurs can come, toss around ideas, get feedback, be prompted so they aren't creating "in the dark" and receive all the support they want, need and deserve!

And the best place to do this is with a group of like-minded business women, all looking to expand beyond their self-imposed limits, supporting each other along the way. To boldly play with others and with a mentor who will challenge you to...


create outside of your COMFORT zone so you can tap into your GENIUS zone.


This is what THE BIGGER PICTURE is about.


"When I am ready to tackle a new project or accept a new challenge, I look to Gina to help me navigate the process. I have been working with her for over 3 years now. She guides me in a way that I get really clear on my intentions. I have accomplished many things with Gina's coaching at the forefront."

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