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Get Clear, Get Expressed, Get Organized


I am going to keep this simple, because confusion and complication is what landed you here in the first place.

Without a brand, you don't have a business.

Branding is about connecting with people and communicating who you are, what you do and how you can help.

And yet, here is the problem with branding......

👉🏼 you have no idea where to start or

👉🏼 you have a brand, but it doesn't feel "just right"

👉🏼 hiring someone to brand for you is expensive and impersonal

👉🏼 you look around and think, "I can't do all of that."

👉🏼 it has been advertised as something complicated & out of your reach

👉🏼 you sit down in front of Canva and get lost in graphic hell

👉🏼 you simply feel lost and confused about it all

Here is the thing, it doesn't have to be complicated.


When you understand branding and have a process laid out to keep it simple, it will save you time and money will connecting you to the clients you are looking for.

where education meets implementation (2)_edited.png

where you learn + execute all at the same time

Learn all the logistics of branding and how to create one AND develop or update your brand in real-time.

This package is specifically designed so that you

GET CLEAR: on what a brand is, how to create one, how to use it to market your business and offers and get clear on your personal brand personality, voice and design.

GET EXPRESSED: within your brand in a way that is simple, clear and feels good. This is about creating a message and design that represents you and speaks to your clients and customers.

GET ORGANIZED: so you can actually use your brand. This is about creating templates, messaging documents and putting it together so it is at your finger tips, ready to go, without thought or planning, so everyday marketing becomes easeful and fun.

This is for the CEO who wants to learn + execute.

Think of this as going to "Brand School," where you will get all the information you need to brand your business your way.

I will also help you implement it all as you create a brand that authentically represents you and your business, connects you to clients and feels good in your bones.


Your Brand is made up of 3 elements: personality, voice, design

Your brand is the house of your business.

Your brand personality is the foundation the house is built on. Your brand voice is the architecture and layout of the house. Your brand design are the expression and finishing touches that turn your house into a home.

What you will be doing:

Defining your BRAND PERSONALITY so that

  • Your business vibe is represented in your visuals.

  • Your values and principles are part of your brand messaging.

  • You can communicate, with ease, what you stand for and what you challenge.

  • You can speak authentically to your clients and give them an idea of what their experience will be like working with you.


Clarifying your BRAND VOICE so you can

  • Tell your story and deliver your message.

  • Communicate how you solve problems and sell your offers without tricks and gimmicks.

  • Speak confidently about what you are up, your purpose and how you help people..


Creating your BRAND DESIGN and visuals so you can

  • Express your personality and voice using colors, fonts, photos and elements that make sense.

  • Develop templates in Canva that are easily accessible to you anytime you want to post.

  • Be consistent and recognizable across your platforms: website, social media, emails, printed materials

  • Execute your brand, and business, with confidence!

It is time to GET BRANDED so you can get down to business.

What you will get:

✔️ Brand Design: consisting of fonts, colors and elements that you will use on your website, in your emails, printed materials and social media
✔️ Brand Topics: a clear list of topics that you will use to build brand awareness through consistent messaging so you never have to say, "I don't know what to say."
✔️ Brand Templates: I will co-create brand templates for you in Canva with your colors, fonts and elements so that you can start creating marketing content with ease.
✔️ Business Values & Principles: that will be written in a way that you can in your messaging to build brand awareness

✔️ BRAND PACKAGE: in our final 1:1 call, I will compose a brand package for you so that everything is in one place for easy access.


You will walk away with a clear knowing and understanding of branding so you can turn frustration into confidence... 

and have a new brand that authentically represents you and your business so you can:

✔️ be educated on branding

✔️ attract aligned clients and customers

✔️ market with ease

✔️ be efficient and consistent in your messaging

✔️ create brand awareness and be remembered

✔️ feel good about what you are saying and publishing

✔️ make sales and grow your business

What This Experience Looks Like

✔️ 60 days together with regular 1:1 zoom calls to get it done

✔️ Recorded sessions of the education piece so you can go back to them time and time again

✔️ Voxer Access where you can reach out to me 1:1 for support in between group calls

$4200 (payment plan available)

Message Me to Get Started HERE

get branded

Meet Your Teacher & Coach

I am an entrepreneur, mentor, coach and most importantly, a teacher at heart.


I have been running a business for nearly 9 years, and through it all I have been astonished at how must coaching and consulting support is available in the industry, yet very little educational support.

It seems like everyone wants to make money by doing it for you, but very few people want to educate you so you can do it yourself.

This is why I created this course, so you can learn and develop your own business skills while also getting support as you implement your new skills. Because teaching you something and then leaving you hanging when it comes to execution doesn't help either.

So why this? Why branding?

Because it was by far the most complicated, overwhelming, confusing piece of it all for me. I paid multiple designers a lot of money to brand and re-brand my business over and over until I finally said, "that is enough!"

It wasn't until I learned what a brand is about, what it represents and what it is made of that I was able to create something that truly expresses who I am, what I do and how I help people. Which ultimately, is when I started making enough money to support the life I wanted for myself.

And I want that for you to!


Join me for Get Branded and learn from both my successes and failures so you can create a brand that you love and grow the business that you are passionate about.

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