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You have unique gifts, talents, and skills to share with the world. You have developed a couple of offerings, worked with a few clients, but at the end of the day you are uncertain around what comes next.


You have dipped your toes into business ownership.

Now it is it time to... 

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A 5-month Mastermind for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to play big, embody certainty and build a sustainable business rooted in purpose and passion, a business that will support you as you build the lifestyle you are meant to have.

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A passion, and you have begun to create something special, but the work that lights a fire in you isn’t getting the attention it needs and deserves because you feel pulled to pour every ounce of time and energy into other commitments.


You also are not sure about what comes next, how to build the foundation of your business and what is needed to truly step into the wold of entrepreneurship.




"is this really possible for me?"


YES, yes it is my friend, you are not the exception.

The secret to fulfilling on your dream, so you can live a life truly worth living, starts with




Conviction is a strong belief in something.

In the world of entrepreneurship, it is the belief in...

yourself, the business you are creating, the work you are doing

and the purpose you are living into.


When you build with conviction,

you will create something that is BUILT TO LAST! 


But first, you must put a hard stop on the hustle, the questioning, the doubt, the inconsistency and start to put a solid framework in place.


All those big ideas you have for your business will never happen, no matter how hard you try, if you don't set your business up to succeed. And that looks like buckling in for the long haul and putting long-term vision over short-term gratification.


It looks like taking the risk and stepping away from your so called safety net.

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Does this sound familiar?

→ You never seem to have time to actually work on your business because you’re always hustling to work for your business, while also juggling a million other things in your life.

→ You’re working so hard, but can't seem to gain the traction you are wanting and needing to "make it work."

→ You’re itching for those dream projects and clients but are stuck around how to attract them and create messaging that speaks straight to their hearts.

→ You have journals FULL of business ideas collecting dust, feeling one day they are the greatest thing since slice bread, the next day feeling that you have nothing to offer the world. 

→ You hesitate to go all-in because you’re uneasy about the operations side of running a business, and you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing and you feel like you are stabbing in the dark.

→ You have faith that somehow your business will fall into place and everything will work out eventually, but the approach of "sit back and wait, it will just happen" isn't working, and in reality you know better. 

→ Maybe you have another 9-5 job and desperately want to leave it to pursue your calling, but just can't muster up the courage to take the leap.

→ It feels like a full-time job in your bones and your mind but looks like a hobby on paper and in your bank account

And at the core of it all, you KNOW your business has the potential to be something GREAT, but you’re scared to do it alone and have no idea where you’d even start.


What you are searching for are answers along with the CLARITY and CONFIDENCE you need to get into action.

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You could keep sitting, waiting, wishing for things to change, the stars to magically align, your dreams to manifest out of thin air, the timing to just “fall into place.”

But the truth is, nothing will change until you decide to prioritize your business and take action. It’s time to quit expecting your potential business to “rescue you” and begin taking your life and business into your own hands.

Instead of aimlessly hustling on your own, strategically build your dream business with a tried and true framework.


Instead of questioning yourself, step into your convictions and confidently build your business in a way that endures the test of time.

You’re right!

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I GET IT. I’VE BEEN EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE. more than once actually...

In 2015, I opened my own yoga studio. I rented the space, hired the teachers, and promoted the classes. I convinced myself I was “all in,” but at the same time, I continued working my full-time, travel-heavy, 9-5 job, keeping the exit door open "in case" it didn't work out.

I had a 3-year, seemingly secure, exit plan in place so I could play it safe and slowly transition from my full-time gig into my side gig. It felt like the “responsible” thing to do. 


But, I quickly learned that running a studio and being out of town for more than half the week didn’t add up. I couldn’t show up for my newly formed community in the way I knew I needed to.

On top of that, I realized if I wanted to hire yoga teachers who aligned with my mission and philosophy, I would have to train them myself. But my capacity was limited. I was already pressed for time. How could I ALSO build out an entire yoga teacher training program?


I ultimately chose myself.


My 3-year plan quickly compressed to just 6-months. In that short time, I quit my day job, grew a thriving yoga community, and built that yoga teacher training and over time transitioned into a 6-figure coaching and mentoring business, the HEART & GRIT you see today!

And I’ve never looked back. 




What will you choose?


I felt my dream slipping, my vision cracking, and my energy dwindling.


It was one of those pivotal moments, and I had to choose:

Go all-in and build the business of my dreams OR continue to treat my passion as a side project while giving my full attention to everything else but what I wanted most. 


“ With Gina’s guidance, I was able to create, fine-tune, and execute the vision I had for my business and community.”

- Gretchen

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The only barrier between where you ARE & where you want to BE is a CHOICE.

It’s time to decide to stop hustling and start embodying your potential as the CEO of your business.

Close your eyes and try on this reality for a moment...

In just five months, you’re...

Your vision is evolving right in front of you and you are pouring your full attention into the business and lifestyle you desire most.
Making real progress, creating valuable offers and attracting dream clients, you feel real traction happening and momentum building.
✓  Closing the exit doors and dropping the imaginary safety net for good and are boldly diving into your dream business.
✓  Feeling supported by a community of like minded entrepreneurs who celebrate and inspire you.
✓  Standing in your purpose with a brand you love, a business strategy that serves you, and a long-term vision you’re proud of.
✓  Going to bed every evening feeling fulfilled by the life you’ve created.

And you wake up every morning exhilarated to jump into the work you love because you’re making a genuine impact in the world. 

How does it feel, CEO?

“Working with Gina was one of the best decisions I ever made! I had all these ideas and I knew what I wanted to create but had no idea where to begin.”

- Laurie

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Where you will focus on building a business that is sustainable. No quick fixes or easy answers, only long-term commitment and endurance-driven consistency.


Becoming a tried and true CEO of your business will require you to.

→ Put your goals, needs, and desires first.

→ Tap into your resiliency so you can strap in and focus on the long game.
→ Construct a strong business foundation from the ground up, one that will support you and that can sustain you over time.
→ Learn all the things you “don’t know you don’t know” about the operations side of business and to hold fast when things get challenging.
→ Implement what you learn as you go. This is a no-passivity zone. Taking consistent action is key!
→ Trust yourself with an unwavering belief that IT IS happening, commit to this belief, and lean into it as your business evolves over time.
→ Lean on a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who will support you and encourage you to stay the course.

So you can create and run the business that sustains you, your family and the life you truly want.

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Where you will build a custom business that lasts!

Where you will lay your foundation, create your framework, design your infrastructure and put the finishing touches on your legacy.

You’re done dipping your toes into what is possible & want to dive full-time into your potential and your business so you can do what you love on YOUR terms.


Through group and 1:1 support, I’ll guide you as you ultimately commit to your goals with

unwavering conviction,

crystal clear commitment,

and an infinite amount of confidence

so you can build a sustainable business that will grow and evolve with you. One that will hold up during times of challenge and adversity and come out better on the other side.

Say No More

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In this 5-month mastermind,

you’ll learn the blueprint to…

Define Why Your Business Exists & Create Your Brand Purpose

Create The Systems Every Sustainable Business Needs

Map Out Your Brand Pillars For Clear Marketing & Content Creation

Design Your Daily Schedule & Operations to serve you as the CEO

Build Out Your Offer Suite To Support The People You Serve

Create the Long-Term Vision Around Your Business & Personal Legacy

With these supporting structures in place, you’ll be able to transform your business to a full time gig and transition into the role of CEO, the role of full-time entrepreneur, so you can become your own boss, build a strong, custom foundation for your business, and step into the life you want with unwavering confidence and conviction. 

Success becomes your only option when you pursue your dreams without a backup plan.


The exit doors are closed.

 Endless possibilities are open.


You wouldn’t build a house without a clear blueprint. 

So why would you design the home of your business any different?

Lay the foundation for success, one building block at a time.


How You’ll Get There…

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Live Group Sessions (2x/month)

That will be a combination of workshops, Q&A and group coaching. There will be time for learning, implementation, and questions so that you can grasp new concepts, apply them to your unique business, and troubleshoot challenges that arise in your work with support, encouragement, and mentoring.

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1:1 Coaching 

Monthly 1:1 meetings with Gina to get personalized support to help you maximize your results, move through roadblocks, and strategically apply what you’re learning to your specific circumstances. 

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Intimate Community Support

Limited to 8 participants to ensure each person receives the most personal experience possible & to help you feel connected to your fellow cohort members. 

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And so much more…

●    Personalized Feedback on Your Business Content
●    A private Facebook Group for cohort members only
●    Templates, worksheets, and spreadsheets
●    Recorded Calls and Workshops
●    Expert Guest Speakers (in addition to the 2x monthly calls)

 Here’s The Plan

Each month will build on the last, much like building a house, as we get laser-focused

on the specifics of your business. 

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Step 1: Lay Your Foundation


This is all about the WHY. The foundation of your business is rooted in alignment! You will focus on defining why your business exists and create clarity around the purpose of your business. You will declare what you stand for, what you challenge and who you champion for. You will set up your business values and principles.  This will give you the roots you need to get grounded and centered around everything you build in your business now and in the future.

Step 2: Create Your Framework


This is all about the HOW you will choose to run your business. How do you want to work? Who do you want to work with? What will it look like? What will your brand be? You will build a framework that is personal and individualized for you and your needs. You will decide how you will interact with your clients and what type of client experience you want to create. You will also get clear on the framework for all of your offers before you dive into the details of writing content and curriculum. Lastly, you will define your brand pillars, get specific in your overall messaging and learn to create marketing that tells people who you are and what you do. 

Step 3: Design Your Offers


This is all about WHAT you will deliver. You will focus on how to generate offers in your product suite that align with your bigger purpose and also aligns with your client's needs. You’ll see how you can contribute to the life of your clients through your business. Plus, we’ll map out your launch strategy, calendar and processes for getting your work out into the world in a way that leaves you feeling confident, not overwhelmed. 

Step 4: Build Your Infrastructure


Stop flying by the seat of your pants. You will spend a time divining into all the systems, structures and processes that allow you to actually run your business in an easeful and sustainable way. It’s time to demystify the business side of things. I’ll introduce you to my proven infrastructure, plus business systems on the market, so you can hand craft and design infrastructure that works best for building a structured business that flows freely for you. We’ll define what your business looks like behind-the-scenes (including the financial and legal stuff you’ve been avoiding), explore Marketing and Sales 101, and work on your daily calendar to make sure you are showing up and getting to work. You’ll feel your confidence increase as you witness a tangible change in your business and see the pieces fall into place! Expect to see guest experts from the fields of legal, website design, sales and business management. 

Step 5: The Finishing Touches...Integration!


Your business is only successful if it supports the life you want to live! In this final month, we will focus on integrating your business, so it is in alignment with your life. You’ll feel grounded in the fact that you’re creating a sustainable, passion-led business you love that loves you back. You’ll walk away with the direction and next steps you need to sustain your long-term plan and the legacy you envision. 

“After working with Gina, I had a clear purpose for my business and goals. The opportunity to step out of my daily life, afforded me the time and space to really take a deep dive.” 

- Julie



✓ You’re a service-based entrepreneur.
✓ You have a few offerings & clients and you’re ready to take it to the next level.
✓ You’re committed to the long-game.
✓ You want to ditch the hustle for good.
✓ You want to create more time & space.

✓ You're ready to develop unwavering conviction in yourself.

✓ You want to build a business that adds value to the world.

✓ Are willing to do what most will not do, so you can get the life that most will not experience.


✗ You aren’t willing to put what you learn into action.
✗ You’re waiting for the “perfect” moment when the stars align to get started.
✗ You’re unwilling to take the risk.

✗ You want to focus on short-term results and gratification.

✗ You want your clients to solve your problems.

✗ You want quick and easy "fixes"

✗ You want me to give you all the answers vs creating answers that work for you.

✗ You are not willing to hold fast in times of turbulence, adversity and challenge.

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Are you ready to step into the constant pursuit of what you want, with a level of consistency & determination that know one will question, including yourself?


Gina Ward


I know what it takes to build and maintain successful, sustainable businesses. I’ve created three thriving businesses of my own and have supported countless clients through the same process. These experiences have shown me firsthand what works and what doesn’t.

I’m pretty darn good at it if I do say so myself.

I’m a committed, trained researcher, writer, educator and coach who can help you focus on your long-term vision so you can endure any obstacle that comes your way. Through coaching and education, I will help you do what you LOVE, and what you do best, with clarity, confidence, and conviction. I will challenge the idea that you must settle for anything less than…


What you want
What you are capable of
What you envision for your life


Let’s work together! 

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"When I am ready to tackle a new project or accept a new challenge, I look to Gina to help me navigate the process. I have been working with her for over 3 years now. She guides me in a way that I get really clear on my intentions. I have accomplished many things with Gina's coaching at the forefront."

- Sylvia



To commit to your long-term vision, to believe in the legacy you want to build, to close the exit doors and hold fast to your conviction in what you want in you life and to step into the constant pursuit of your purpose, your passion and your dreams.

When you do this, with HEART & GRIT, success is the only option.

$4,950 Pay in Full

6 Payments of $888

Doors Close July 12th


"Working with Gina is the best money I have ever spent."

- Amy

A Mastermind Unlike Any Other

Sneak a Peek Inside!
What You Can Expect…

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5-Month Mastermind Container


It’s time to be the commitment at a deeper level. Long-term results require long-term endurance. Investing in this mastermind program signals that you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, put in dedicated time and energy, and get to work. You’re in it for the long haul, and with conviction like that, I can’t wait to walk alongside you every step of the way!

Live Group Training 2x’s Per Month


Participate in live Zoom calls with your peers twice each month. Calls will focus on learning and implementing so you can engage with new material and start putting it into action. Plus we’ll build in plenty of time for Q&A so you can get individualized, specific support once you’ve started to implement the new strategies you’ve acquired. All calls will be shared so you can refer back to the content as you execute. Video and call replays will be available for life in the FB group.

Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls 


Meet with Gina for 30-minutes monthly (5 sessions total). Get personalized support to help you maximize your results, push through roadblocks, and strategically apply what you’re learning to your specific circumstances. 

Downloadable Spreadsheets & Templates


Template 1- Business Offering Calendar Template
Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping you make money, use this template to strategically plan out your offers so you can anticipate consistent money coming in every month throughout the year. 

Template 2- Launch Calendar  Template
It is time to stop randomly offering course and programs. Create a 12-month calendar and strategically plan your launches so that you do not have overlapping offers nor unused time when income is not being generated.

Template 3- Budget Template
CEOS track their finances. If you’re going to step into your role as CEO, you need to do the same! Use this template to track your finances and keep up with expenses seamlessly. 

Business Content Feedback 


Submit the business content you’ve been working on for review 1x per month! Want eyes on that new offer you’re cooking up? A sales page? Messaging for your website? Captions for social media? I’ve got your back! I’ll send feedback via Loom so you know exactly what’s working and where you can improve your content!

Facebook Group Support


Lifetime access to an exclusive, private Build With Conviction Facebook Group. Connect with your cohort members, share resources, and ask questions between training sessions. 

BONUS Expert Guest Trainings


In addition to our bi-monthly, live Zoom trainings, you’ll also have access to 3+ exclusive guest trainings with experts in business law, web design, business branding, sales strategy, business operations, and more!

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You might be thinking…
“I don’t have enough time to invest in a mastermind right now.”

In short, you make time for the things that matter most to you. Plus, the busier you are, the MORE you need a strategic, foundational blueprint to build your sustainable business.  With the right pieces in place, you can work smarter, not harder while doing the work you love! The goal of this mastermind is for you to ultimately have MORE time and space, not just in your business, but in your life. 


“What makes this mastermind different?”

This is a mastermind unlike any other. Most masterminds focus on expansion instead of laying a solid foundation. It’s the reason you’ve fallen through the cracks in past group programs. Build with Conviction is different.  You’ll experience a balance of learning, coaching, and implementation so you can actively take new concepts and apply them to your work in a way that aligns with your values, one building block at a time.

“I’m scared to invest right now.”

I get it. Investing in yourself and your business can be scary. Any business that is going to stand the test of time and leave a lasting legacy, needs to be supported with resources. Throughout the entrepreneurial journey there will be opportunities to invest time, money, energy, and your talent into building the career of your dreams. 

If not now, WHEN will you nurture and invest in the life you feel called to create?


“Am I really ready for this?”

There is no such thing as perfect timing and you’ll never feel 100% ready. I’ve found the biggest transformations happen for me and my clients when we confront our fears, align with our goals and values, and take the risk anyway. The “right” time is whenever you say it is. It’s up to you to capture the opportunity and decide that you are going to make this work!

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Ready to ditch the doubt for good & commit to building the business of your dreams from the ground up?

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Still got questions?
I’ve got answers.

How many people will be in this training?
Space is limited. Each cohort is capped at 8 participants.

How long will I have access to the mastermind materials?
You can download the templates and spreadsheets to use again and again. All video recordings will be available for life in the FB group page.

Is this program right for me?
Build with Conviction is for the aspiring entrepreneur who are ready to put their needs and wants first, shift their little project into a full-time career, and lay the foundation for a sustainable, passion-driven business they can’t wait to jump into every morning! This mastermind will help you overcome fear, doubt, and hesitation so you can boldly claim the life and business of your dreams. 

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! Choose to pay in full or divide the investment into six smaller monthly payments.

What's your refund policy?
This mastermind is only for entrepreneurs who are ALL IN. For this reason, I do not offer refunds. 

Remind me, what’s included in my enrollment?
When you sign up, you’ll get:

→ Live Group Training Calls.
Each month we’ll meet twice to dive deep into a specific foundational aspect of your business. Calls will focus on learning and implementation and Q&A opportunities so you can get the answers you need to build momentum. Calls will be recorded and shared so you can revisit the material time and time.. Small cohort sizes mean you can get all of your questions answered and engage with the content in real-time.

 1:1 Coaching 
You and I will meet 1:1 each month. During these 30-minute calls, I’ll help you integrate what you’ve learned and apply it to your unique business so you can move forward with confidence, direction, and clarity.

→ Private Facebook Group 
A private channel where you can connect with your fellow cohort members, get questions answered, brainstorm ideas, and build community daily. Built-in accountability to help you stay on track and focus as you work toward your goals. Ask for insight, learn from the experiences of your peers, and connect with a tight-knit community of inspiring leaders. 

→ Templates and Spreadsheets
Don’t reinvent the wheel! Customize pre-made templates and spreadsheets to seamlessly keep up with your daily schedule, finances, and more!

As a BONUS...

→ Expert Guest Trainings
Besides learning from your peers and me, I will regularly bring in expert guest speakers to offer new insight and perspectives as you define and build the foundation of your business.




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Oh, hey!

You’ve made it all the way to the bottom of the page! This tells me you’re pretty serious about making that jump from an employee of someone else’s dream to CEO of your own dream business. You want to become the boss of your own life so that you can have the time and space to do the work you feel called to do.

Here’s where you have a choice.


You can continue to collect journals full of ideas that never get realized, postpone your goals, hustle 24/7/365, prioritize everyone else’s needs above your own, and give up on that vision you have for the future.


You can put yourself first as you boldly claim your life and refuse to settle for anything less than making a huge impact by sharing your skills, passions, and talents with the world.

So, what are you waiting for?

Mark Your Calendar

We get started on July 13


Can I count you in?

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