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You Are Invited...

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10 Days of Cash Rebates, Bonuses & Discounts!

Nov 21 - Nov 30

I am declaring 2023 the Year of Brilliance and it all starts with Brilliant Bucks for everyone!

Purchase any of the 4 offers below and you will receive...


You will be entered into a drawing that is happening December 1st

The sooner you buy, the more entries you get, the higher your chances of winning!

Purchase on...
* Nov 21st  = 10 entries
* Nov 22nd = 9 entries
and so on until doors close Nov 30th!

💰 1st place - $750 CASH rebate
💰 2nd place - $500 CASH rebate
💰 3rd place - $250 CASH rebate



Everybody get a BONUS 1:1 with!

First buyer

 2-hr Intensive ($1200 value)

Next buyer

1-hr private ($500 value)

Everyone Else

30-minute private ($300 value)

Brilliant (5).png

What would happen if you spent one hour a month doing nothing but coming up with offer ideas? Move beyond the day to day structures of your business and create space for pure unbridled, unedited INNOVATION.

This container is a creative playground for entrepreneurs wanting support around workshopping new offers.

I know you have a specific idea in your head, something you have been itching to create, something you cannot stop thinking about and it is time to finally execute.

For the entrepreneur who wants to create, brand, message and market their NEXT signature offer, their creative MASTERPIECE. 

the all-in VIP support package

Are you ready to work with someone who will be as immersed in your business as you are? Who gets that you are driven by passion and purpose and will settle for nothing less than brilliance?

For the entrepreneur who wants 1:1 personalized, tailored support without major contracts & obligations.

Three options to choose from.

Regular $877-$2377

Bash Price: $100 off

M&D  MMM (1)_edited.png

Your brand, message and marketing are NOT a one and done! And if you are still "wearing" an old version of your business, your feeling anything but brilliant.

Re-create and make over your business to reflect the upgraded, brilliant version of yourself that exists today.

Regular $4800

Bash Price: $3800

Meet Your 2023 Mentor & Accomplice

Let's get up to no good!

I got started in entrepreneurship in 2014 and had NO idea what I was doing. I hired coach after coach, took dozens of courses and trainings and program hoped for nearly six years.


I was meticulous in following all of the instructions, learning all the things, implementing, and in the process built several badass, successful businesses. I was the "good student," who followed the rules and consumed as much knowledge as I could.


One day I woke up and didn't recognize the entrepreneur I had become. I didn't recognize the business I had built. And everything just felt a little off, which left me anything but excited about what I was offering or what it all looked like. Nothing was broke, nothing needed to be fixed, at the same time, it just wasn't feeling right.


The business I had meticulously built, represented an OLD VERSION of me. It no longer aligned with who I had become and it wasn't going to get me to where I wanted to go.


Short of burning it to the ground, I changed just about everything. I re-branded. I re-messaged. I created a dozen new offers. I started to innovate what I was doing and most importantly, HOW I was doing it.


And it was a HUGE breath of fresh air.

I started to treat my business like my art. I put aside all the rules, dropped a lot of the structure and began to create from my heart. from the fire and passion within. And it didn't look anything like what I had been told to do. And I DID NOT CARE, I wanted it and I took it.

I tapped into my genius and brought forth all the BRILLIANCE that had been lurking beyond the surface the entire time.


And with it came the freedom and power I had been seeking all along.

What do I do?

I am a sounding board, I am a support system that will stretch you, a thinking partner and creative mentor.

I am here to co-create with you. You do not need, or want, another coach, teacher, leader who is simply going to tell you what to do. 

You want a mentor who will see you as the partner that you are and who will challenge you to unleash the brilliance within.

I am not going to let you stop at the first idea, I am going to ask you to stretch yourself and bring forth your genius.

I am going to ask you to play outside the lines and
go after everything you want.

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