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Remember WHY you got started!


If you need to step away from all the business, sales, marketing and strategizing talk and step into the soul of your business.....



Spend time on tending to YOU, the CEO, instead of constantly tending to your business.

Spend time exploring Whole-Hearted Entrepreneurship.

Whole-Hearted Entrepreneurship is operating a business from a place of worthiness so that you can show up every day with consistency, conviction, and freedom.

It requires that you embrace imperfection and put heart above all else in your business.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day of your business.


Taking care of all the logistics.

Putting structures into place.

Strategizing and marketing.

Being productive and making sells


Yet at the end of the day, this is not what sustains you.


This is not what “feeds” you. Your meaningful work is why you got started in the first place and is what will feed your soul and your business for the long haul.


Especially in times of challenge or struggle.

When you feel like something is missing.

When you feel like your are getting behind.

When things don't seem to be working out.

It is natural to feel like you must do more, strategize more, change things up, learn more, all the while feeling defeated in the process

This is your invitation resist doing and learning more and PAUSE and get to the HEART of it all.


This is what 30 Days of HEART is all about!


Over the course of 30 days, you will explore the 4 primary areas of Whole-Hearted Entrepreneurship. 

Whether you are thinking about building a business, just getting started or been at it for years, this course will put you in touch with the HEART of your business, and the

HEART of your life.

is a practice! During week one you will explore the difference between how you think you should run your business and how you actually want to run your business, from a place of compassion and courage. This is about getting real and honest with yourself and exploring where perfectionism is limiting your potential, thus the potential of your business.

Call One: Authenticity...

is not about being strong, tough or having all of the success in the world. It is about being able to return to your authentic form once you get bent, compressed and stretched, something that can happen daily when running a business. In week two you will dig into what it takes to bring out the resiliency already within you.

Call Two: Resiliency...

is not something you have, but something you choose to practice. And they say it is the gateway to joy! In week 3 you will explore how often you operate and make business decisions from a place of gratitude or from a place of fear, gratitude’s natural “enemy”.

Call Three: Gratitude...

is at the core of the heart of your business. Your innate brilliance and natural talents and gifts is what makes your business your art. And creativity is at the heart of your art. But if you spend all of your time being "productive" creativity gets suffocated. In the final week of your 30 days, you will tap into your creative genius and put productivity on the back burner so you & your business can thrive.

Call Four: Creativity & Play...

What This Experience Looks Like

✔️ Weekly Group Discussion & Coaching Calls (4) where we will discuss one element of Whole-Hearted Entrepreneurship each week.
✔️ Recordings of all Calls  so you can revisit the content time and time again when you need to get your heart and soul centered.
✔️ A group support channel so that you can inspire and be inspired by your peers. This is a place to build community and know that you are not in this alone.

Investment $222

Calls happen on Tuesdays 3:30pm EST and will be recorded for replay

Jan 24 - Feb 14

(perfect end date for some self-love)

Meet Your Whole-Hearted Coach & Mentor

I've been a business owner and entrepreneur for over 8 years and have rode out all the highs and lows time and time again. And this is the only thing I know for 100%....

If you are not clear on WHY you started and if your are not running the day to day of your business from a place of HEART

You will not be able to sustain yourself long term.

30 Days of Heart was originally created when I was running a yoga studio, as a way to help people get to the HEART of what they love so they can lead a meaningful life full of purpose.

This year has been a tough year, in my life, in my business, in the industry as a whole and I got clear that I had to return to my roots and get back to the heart of it all. Which is why I dusted this amazing program off and re-created it just for entrepreneurs.

You are invited to join me for 30 Days of HEART.

You are invited to bring Whole-Heartedness back into your entrepreneurial journey.

30 ays
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